Behind the Scenes at TF

Less than two years ago, Tule Fog founder and creator, Jacqualyn Momont, identified a need for clean burning candles at affordable prices. After taking matters into her own hands, Jacqualyn combined her favorite scents to make her own clean candles and eventually turned a weekend hobby into a full-time thriving company.

I got the chance to sit down with Jacqualyn and get a peek into what makes her company so special.

GS: What is the inspiration behind TF?

JM: I had a hard time finding a clean candle in my price range. It was hard to know exactly what ingredients businesses were using and I wanted to make sure what I was burning wasn't toxic.

GS: I have so much admiration for someone who can start a company. But I have to ask - was there ever a moment of hesitation?

JM: Definitely! There are so many variables and questions. It's a tall order to start a business from scratch but there are so many great resources and people along the way to help guide things in the right direction. I always urge new businesses to surround themselves with other new businesses and entrepreneurs. You can learn a lot from watching others!

GS: That’s really great advice for others interested in entrepreneurship. What would you say has been the biggest surprise with starting your own business?

JM: I don't know if this is a surprise but I am constantly in awe of how many hats business owners have to wear. One day you are making candles and the next day you are paying sales tax and finding the best insurance for your company. It's definitely a great place for anyone who likes a new challenge each day!

GS: I love that! It seems like no day is the same, but could you walk me through a typical day at Tule Fog?

JM: A typical work day does not exist at Tule Fog, haha.  Some days are focused on production, some days are focused on fulfillment, some days are focused on marketing and product development, etc. This is one of the best things about my job! I love the variation.

GS: That’s amazing! What else do you love about your job?

JM: Meeting our customers! I love all markets and events where I am able to meet our customers first hand :).

GS: You just released one of my personal favorite scents, Pumpkin + Almond (!!) Are there any new scents on the horizon?

JM: Be on the lookout for our Holiday Collection!! Also, we have a new product releasing very soon where you are able to get your favorite scents in a flameless form :)

GS: How cool! You know I’ll be on the lookout for that. What is your favorite scent?

JM: I, along the same fresh lines as Sea + Lavender, love our Moss + Pine. I am a fan of anything that brings the outdoors in.

GS: Moss + Pine - another favorite scent of mine. I mean really, they’re all amazing. Now that you’ve been in business for a almost two years, I’d love to know what has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

JM: I am so proud of what we have accomplished in just a year and a half! All of our products, selling channels, marketing, etc. It takes a village and I am so proud of this village!

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