Create Your Cozy Starting With These Home Essentials

A few months ago, I moved into a new apartment with my Fiance. Once the lease was signed, we began talking about how to combine our belongings. We thought about the furniture we’d keep, what needed replaced and how we’d best utilize the additional space in our new place.

At times, everything seemed a bit overwhelming. Do we go with a mid-century modern or traditional theme? How do we create the perfect balance of feminine and masculine? How do I lovingly tell my Fiance that his beloved comforter just has to go? Although there were a ton of decisions that left one of us making a sacrifice, there was one aspect of a home that we both full-heartedly agreed on. And that was making our new place feel cozy.

Since home decor is more of my realm, it only took some minor persuading to get full control of creating cozy in our new place. Don’t get me wrong - I definitely kept my fiance’s opinion in consideration when choosing some basic essentials. But ultimately, I chose items that made our living space a place I’d never want to leave.

    1. Throw Blankets - I’m a huge fan of neutrals and earth tones. If you are too, there are other ways to get creative without dabbling into crazy colors. Consider mixing textures and fabrics, like faux furs and knits. I like to have a variety on hand and keep them stashed in a woven basket for an extra layer of decor!
    2. Candles - I go through candles quicker than anything. Not only do I love the soft light brightening up a dark room, but I love once the scent fills up the room and I’ve landed in my happy place. Do you have an open fireplace? Think about filling up the space with multiple candles in various sizes. It’s guaranteed to bring warmth and coziness into your home.

Seasonal Flowers - When most people think of fresh flowers, Spring and Summer are the two seasons that come to mind. But don’t be fooled! There are certain flowers that thrive in the fall, such as Oriental Lilies and Chrysanthemums. Keeping flowers in your home will provide a sweet taste of sunshine and keep your decor festive.


LED Lights - I just recently hopped on the LED light bandwagon. LED lights come in many colors and forms, so you’ll most definitely start to see festive options as the holidays approach, but there are more basic year-round options as well. Spice up your living room corner with light-up lanterns or wrap your headboard with glimmer string lights for an extra dose of warmth all throughout your home.


Whether you have one or all of these essentials, creating cozy is whatever you make it!. At the end of the day, your living space is a representation of you and your style. Tell us below - how do you create cozy in your home?


Gina Simonelli is a lifestyle blogger living in Chicago, IL with her new fiancé, Chris. When she's not wedding planning, Gina loves to spend her time shopping, hosting parties or watching Friends over a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Gina's thrilled to share with you her passion for all things home - including decor, recipes, and everything in between!