Tule Fog’s Favorite Things

With every new day, comes a new...something - new trends, new fads, and new inspiration. This week, we’ve rounded up our current obsessions from food, to home and everything in between. Because, let’s be honest - if we’re not obsessing over something, are we even living?

Favorite Gluten Free Recipe

With more and more nutritionists telling us to cut out gluten, it’s easy to jump right to the worst case scenario - I’ll never be able to eat anything tasty again! Fortunately for you (and me,) that’s not at all the case! There are tons of drool-worthy gluten free recipes, like this Banana Bread from Gimme Delicious. I’ll take three, thanks!

Favorite IKEA hack

I fantasize over making my house perfect, pending I have unlimited funds. Since that’s never going to be the case, I’ve had to get scrappy and started dabbling into DIY furniture. IKEA has a robust variety of budget-friendly items nd with a little TLC, you can have designer-worthy furniture at a a third of the cost! This bookstand from House of Hawkes gives me all the feels and can be yours for less than $100. Say what?!

Favorite book

Bestselling author, Celeste Ng has done it again. Little Fires Everywhere may be an easy read, but you’ll be so entranced, you’ll never want to put it down. In need of a good Saturday morning couch read? Dive into this one and thank me later.

Favorite Netflix Movie

Who doesn’t love a modern day rom-com with a (slightly) unsettling relatable theme of the millennial work grind? I know I do! Every person that I’ve recommended this movie to has given it rave reviews. I can tell you know - you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll have spent an hour and 45 minutes that you won’t want back.

Favorite Wall Art

Pinky promises are the ultimate level of promises, even in adulthood. My significant other and I may tell little white lies from time to time (yes dear, this dinner tastes sooo good) but I would never break trust over the oath of a pinky promise. I stumbled across this gem from Society6 and knew it had to be ours. I love the simplicity of the drawing, yet the intricacy of what it means.

Which of our favorites do you love the most? Yes - if you had to choose one!

Gina Simonelli is a lifestyle blogger living in Chicago, IL with her new fiancé, Chris. When she's not wedding planning, Gina loves to spend her time shopping, hosting parties or watching Friends over a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Gina's thrilled to share with you her passion for all things home - including decor, recipes, and everything in between!