Our Process

Handcrafted is not an understatement. At Tule Fog we believe that actually making our products helps us create better products. That's why each candle is individually hand poured. We know our products inside and out. 


For melting we carefully measure out the amount of soy wax needed in a batch, add it into our wax melter and wait. We make sure our wax gets to the optimal temperature and consistency before adding our aromas and pouring.


Next comes the fun part, scent. Before we mix in our fragrance, we thoughtfully create our scent profiles. Our inspiration stems from various sources such as places, elements, memories, etc. Once a scent profile is designed, we carefully hand-mix our scents into each batch of melted wax so that the aroma is evenly distributed.


Once the scented wax is ready to go, we set up our jars and start pouring! The key to any good pour is a slow, steady hand. We aim for a consistent pour to decrease air bubbles. This achieves a smooth top finish and an even burn. Old-fashioned clothespins are used to secure our wicks as the wax cools.


Cooling complete? Time for labeling. Our labels are created with simplicity in mind. Clean lines, font clarity, and space to customize the scent are all factors in our design decision. We hand write each scent name before carefully centering and securing the label. Once the label is complete, we add a lid to finish off our fresh look and seal in the scent!


After you receive your order confirmation email, our team hand fulfills your order. Carefully packaging your purchase, we add a personal note to every order, print the shipping label and your order is on it's way! Questions about shipping? See our FAQ or Shipping and Returns pages.